Chasing the Mosquito is a project exploring the relations between water, social power relations, and vulnerability to diseases transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti in contexts of rapid and unequal urbanization. The project has a comparative approach and is ongoing in Maputo and Pemba (Mozambique) and Barranquilla (Colombia), where researchers are investigating the connections between intermittent water supply, water storage practices, and Aedes aegypti.  We wish to describe the daily routines that link communities, stored water, and mosquitoes and understand what they might tell us                                                                                       about cities in the South.                                                                        

“Chasing the Mosquito” seeks to document the settings in which Aedes aegypti thrives and they ways in which these settings crystallize on a daily basis. Our team of mosquito chasers features an interdisciplinary group of researchers from multiple countries and disciplines including anthropology, public health, biology, and human geography. Through this platform researchers will share their journeys, reflections, and the breakthroughs of the fieldwork process to disseminate ongoing research and provide a space for debate. 


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